RV- 4

Ross Airshot

 Flying my RV-4 over the hi-desert.

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  1. Mell says:

    And Happy New Year!

  2. angela says:

    Greetings, look forward to seeing this site grow and grow. Love to you and Sherry – and the animals.

  3. Rob Howarth says:

    Well, well Mr Breigleb aren’t ‘we’ getting techno – your own website! You’ll be appearing on Facebook soon!

    I hope you’re well Ross. Would be great to catch up again. I may be making Reno this year with Cally so perhaps you and Sherry could make it out?

    Cheers, Rob

  4. Avon Hansen says:

    I found your website while doing Briegleb family research. I am Phil Briegleb’s granddaughter. As well, I am in contact with the Brieglebs in Germany, including Walter. Thank you for sharing your family story.

    Avon Hansen

  5. Tom Fleming says:

    Ross, your name was given to me by Gordon Boettger. I bought his Kestrel, ON, this summer and have been operating it out of Crystal since the end of July. My question is whether either you or someone you could point me to does any glass work. I have a couple small places on the Kestrel that need attention, namely, the turtle deck and the customized winglets. The winglets I managed to screw up this last Saturday on landing and scraped off most of the right skid that is built into it. I guess I’d better learn to land with the wings level 😉

    Thanks for any help that you can provide,

    Tom Fleming

  6. Laurie Colton says:

    Ross, Wonderful website. Brought up many memories of time spent ‘crewing’ at El Mirage during my formative years. I’ll show it to my Mom, Sylvia. She will enjoy it. Hope you continue posting more.

  7. Toodie Perl-Marshall says:

    I know your Dad would be proud as well as your Mom! Wonderful pictures too Ross, good job on the web site, I’ve visited it since I saw you at the SSA convention in Reno a few years ago…………
    Hope all is well with you and Sherry.

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